Monday, November 12, 2018

The Migrant Caravan: A Threat to The Citizens of The United States of America

President Trump's Assessment Was Accurate

Many of you think Trump is out of his mind and that we should welcome all illegal immigrants into our country. However, a nation without borders is... yeah when we cannot get past this truth, I stop listening to the anti-Trump dialogue. I have tried to engage in discussions with those with different views. The anti-Trump folks are often so loud and raucous that even when I do not want to listen, I am occasionally forced to hear their statements.

However, all U.S. citizens must understand that the Center for Immigration Studies shows that 21% of those convicted of crimes other than immigration between 2011 and 2016 were non-citizens. Non-citizens make up 8% of the U.S. adult population. Illegals are disproportionately represented in the penal system at 21% or 2.5 times more than their contribution to the population.

It is interesting to me that many folks within the anti-Trump group claim to be tolerant. However, it seems that the only differing views tolerated are those with the same or similar foundation and come from other anti-Trump people. It is ignorant for one to remain steadfast in their belief that every word that comes out of Trump's mouth is a lie. It seems ridiculous to immediately disregard any idea presented by President Trump merely because the idea came out of his mouth. This opposition based on pure emotion and not fact must seem like a logical plan for those who have lost the ability to engage with others using facts. Even more disgusting is the behavior of Democrats elected to the federal government.

However, I believe that Trump was accurate when he said there is a criminal element in the caravans allegedly heading for our southern border.

I believe the President was accurate when he mentioned the criminal element within the caravan, as does at least one person traveling with that caravan. Even the CBC media outlet also agrees. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - neither a right-wing nor a typical left-leaning U.S. media outlet - is Canadian. Yes, from Canada, that same country that the Democrats were so supportive of when Trump spoke directly and candidly to Justin Trudeau in the fall of 2018.

A member of the migrant caravan that made their way to the Southwest border of the United States of America with intentions of entering the country by any means necessary even if it means illegally.
Alcides Padilla, a citizen of Honduras, awakens after sleeping among thousands of other migrants making their way to the U.S. Border. Mexican authorities set up a shelter within Mexico City's Jesus Martinez stadium. (Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press)

The Migrant Caravan Is Not Just Women And Children

There are more than 4,000 people registered with the caravan. Most have refused the work visas and such offered by the Mexican government. Incredibly, they still dare to demand that the Mexican people/government provide them with transportation to the U.S. border.

Does this even make sense to you? Unless one is ridiculous, most would agree that demanding something from a country you are passing through is a pretty gutsy move. Perhaps even what some would classify as self-entitled.

Invaders Enter A Country Without Considering The Laws of The Land

The liberal left somehow finds a way to dismiss and laugh at the label of "invader" rather than "illegal immigrant." If you consider yourself a member of the liberal left, let me briefly explore this notion from an opposing view to yours; remember, you are the tolerant one, and you welcome differing opinions.

Suppose a group of people cross into a foreign, new country and do not work diligently to assimilate and live as the current citizens of that new country. In that case, they will weaken the new country's traditions and culture.

If the same folks require medical treatment, they will cause a longer delay in emergency rooms, undermine the current citizens' access to medical treatment, and weaken the overall health of the individuals affected.

Also, if the illegals are school-aged, they will take a seat in the public school system and do it by surprise, which will overcrowd schools, exacerbate language barriers, increase the already incredibly high number of responsibilities given to classroom teachers, and weaken the educational system.

Do you not think that an attacking entity would be wise to weaken a nation's culture, decrease individual access to health care, and overburden the educational system? 

These specific attacks help divide a nation's unified strength into smaller factions and make it easier to overtake. I will pretend that everyone agrees. Yes, that would be a wise and brilliant way to attack without the attention of typical warring behavior.

Is it not accurate to call those people invaders, if that is correct? Again, yes is the rational answer.

The Problem With The Term Illegal Immigrant

Let's talk about the term illegal immigrant - I meant oxymoron. Immigrants enter a country legally, correct? How can one be an "illegal person that entered a country legally?" Yep, that is not possible.

Save me your emotional responses that point to the settlers of our country because if you go there, I will have to fill you in on this fact: Indigenous people called those settlers INVADERS and waged war against them. They lost, and the settlers won and developed the country, turning it into the place you call home.

Unless you are suffering from Catholic Guilt or something similar, why would you point to the conflicts between the indigenous people of North America and Western European settlers as a reason for opening the borders?

Do you want to be overrun and forced into a culture and set of beliefs that are not the ones we have been working on for centuries?

Do you believe Western European settlers from centuries ago are similar to those entering our country illegally today? Why suffer the tragic fate of being conquered without putting up some formidable resistance? Especially at the border, where this resistance is most appropriate.

What Is Your Solution?

So what should the plan be? Do you still believe we should let anyone enter our country without penalty for not abiding by our nation's laws?

I welcome fact-based replies, not extraordinarily weak ones. I would appreciate any plans that include a plausible solution to the immigration problem we are enduring. Additionally, suggestions might stop those who continue to violate the federal laws of the U.S. from gaining illegal entry into our country. Even the most pie-in-the-sky suggestions would be interesting to read and ponder.

Even though I support the plan to increase security along the southwestern border, I want to expose and present alternative strategies that may be more effective.

The best idea is one that has yet to be implemented and tried. Nothing will change if we do not have fact-based conversations about the current policies and procedures about illegal immigration.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

John Kerry and Loretta Lynch Knew About Illegal Spying on Trump Campaign

Democrat Operatives Leaked False Information To The FBI

The Democrats did all they could to rig the 2016 election so Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidency and she still lost. This is just so ridiculous and incredible that once again I am embarrassed for the voters that felt she was the most honest and qualified candidate for the job.

It is time for all of us left, middle, and right to come together and develop a mutually satisfactory plan to reach goals that will benefit us all. We need to remove out of touch politicians from office and get the best people for the job to replace them.

This is just one more group of liars that somehow tricked the voters so they could get elected to political office.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

President Trump's First Year Was Good, But Stick To The Facts

We Are Done Listening to Lies

 We Are Smarter & More Aware Than You Believe Us To Be 

"Is our a 'government of the people by the people for the people,' or a Kakistocracy rather, for the benefit of knaves at the cost of fools" - James Russell Lowell, 1876 
The Current and Past 2 Liars

Come on Mr. Trump and stop with all your exaggerations and lies man! You are the President of The United States of America.

We Have Access To The Truth

We all have phones more powerful than the computers NASA was privy to in 1969. So we can just look at our phones and say "Hey Google..."; "Hey Siri..." and check your statements.

You Embarrass Us

Further, the people you govern, independent of how they voted, care about who represents them. We also are embarrassed when you show your stupidity spouting or tweeting some ridiculous lies.

You donkeys remember when Barry forgot the Un in Affordable, and it was mistakenly named the Affordable Care Act?

Mr. G.W. Bush, is it possible that you were trying to prove your estimated IQ of 125 was indeed 81? Lord, you sure had a way of coming across as the dumbest person in the vicinity. Mr. Bush every single time you tried to say something meaningful, you just went full-blown Texas Ass Big on the Dumbass dint-cha? You could not help yourself.

And Mr. Clinton, you little pervert, you redefined the boundaries for all those that thought commitment, partnership, and marriage were about something.

You All Fall Short On Ethics And Integrity

I suppose the oval office has a way of changing your understanding of core values, you know the behaviors and characteristics we perceive our Founding Fathers to possess.

You all fall brutally short of the ethical behavior my four-year-old son shows; and, it is unknown if he even knows wrong vs. right yet.

I Do Not Think You Intend To Deceive Us

I do not think any of you men nor all of the ones in modern history that were given the responsibility of the presidency actually intended to become stoned out goofball jackholes.

However, Lord is it possible to get a miracle to help our boy Donald J. Trump? He is just beyond ridiculous on the liar scale.

Yes, President Trump, I understand it, you are something new, a change, you speak from the hip, and whatever other excuses for your dumbassery, the right-wing nuts will post in your defense. But I am growing tired of hearing about your lies. I am wondering if you approach your role as President with the same low level of preparation that you put forth when Tweeting?

The Best We Have, Really?

It blows my mind that Hillary Clinton (Clinton V2) was the best candidate the DNC could produce. Moreover, the Democrats already voiced their opinion on her when she lost the party's nomination to Obama.

Then to top it off the Democrats wanted Trump to win the GOP Nomination. Again, I ask all of you, were Hillary and The Donald the best we could muster for Presidential candidates?

Are you all on some sort of hallucinogen? If so, you should pass some legislation and sell that shit you are taking over the counter. Perhaps if we had some, we would see your distorted reality.

Let's Check The Facts On Statements That Matter

Mr. President, we do not care about your ridiculous Tweets. For example, how could you believe your State of The Union Address in 2018 was the most watched in history? Get over yourself, as a constituent I care about our country's overall health not what you think of yourself. So, now here are some essential facts about your first year in office. It was not bad at all you have done well, not the best in history, not even close, but you have done well.

Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 2000-2017
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis,
“Table 1.1.6 Real Gross Domestic Product,
Chained Dollars," Gross Domestic Product (accessed February 5, 2018)

Trump's First Year GDP

Your first year in office resulted in a real GDP increase of 2.3%. As many have pointed out, Obama's first year in office was not as prosperous, and the Real GDP was a dismal -2.86%.  However, Trump's 2.3% is far from the best in history, even recent history. Clinton, GW Bush, and Obama all had at least 3 years higher. In fact, every year of Clinton's presidency produced a GDP above 2.65%. Moreover, Trump's first year GDP was less than 2.57% the average GDP for all Republicans since 1961.

The GDP Under Democrats vs. Republicans

The average REAL GDP under a Democrat as president averages 3.52% since 1961; and, 2.57% under Republicans during the same time.

President Trump your first year REAL GDP pales in comparison to those that have come before you. 

The Total Hours Worked During Trump's First Year  

Source: BLS Division of Major Sector Productivity 
President Trump congratulations as the population increased so did the total number of hours worked by salary and hourly workers in the nonfarm sectors. Your 249.667 billion was 1.56% higher than Obama's last year. This indeed allows you to boast about the having the highest number in this category. Your percent change, however, is nothing to brag about. The previous four presidents all saw percent changes higher than yours.

Levels of Unemployment

President Trump, once again you are correct that your 4.1% unemployment rate is low. However, it is not the lowest in history. In 2000, the US unemployment rate was 4.0% as it was in 1956. The lowest unemployment rate was 2.9% in 1953. Other lower unemployment rates include 3.2% in 1952, 3.7% in 1951, and 3.4% in 1948.

According to IECONOMICS this translates to the number of unemployed persons in the United States increased to 6,684,000 from 6,576,000 during December 2017. But, the number of employed persons rose to 154,430,000 from 154,021,000 in December 2017.

The all-time average for unemployed persons remains at 6,606,880, and the projection for February 2018 is 6,721,990. Employed Persons averaged 104,180,650 and is projected to be 154,488,770 in February 2018.

Twitter Advice for President Trump

Just stop.

To The Other Elected Federal Officials

We all know that the success and failures are not determined by only the President. Mr. Trump you might want to realize that you alone are not responsible for any of the above data. So here is a message to those of you serving in Congress: get over your damn selves and realize you are one of us too; and, your responsibility is to serve our desires not that of only 4 or 5 donors.