Sunday, September 1, 2019

Convert CGM to PDF to JPG Files for Free on Mac or Windows - Updated (2019)

Convert CGM or PDF Files to JPG in Mac OSX or Windows

Without Paying for Expensive Application Software

A few years ago, I was asked if I was aware of a way to convert a .cgm (computer-generated metafiles) file into a .jpg image.
Specifically, how to CONVERT CGM or PDF to JPG without expensive software.
It is no longer news that ADOBE offers the Creative Cloud platform that makes the entire catalog of ADOBE software available to customers via subscription. For the monthly price of $49.99, you have access to all the software and cool apps from ADOBE.

ADOBE CC is available for free for 30 days without any commitment, so you can perform this conversion for the cost of the time to download and install Creative Cloud.

Method 1: Convert Your CGM Files to JPG/PNG or CGM File to PDF Using Adobe Illustrator CC

To follow my the first of my suggested methods to covert CGM to jpg or pdf download ADOBE Illustrator.

Converting a CGM File Into a JPG, PNG, or PDF Using Adobe Illustrator CC

  1. Open up your cgm file from within Illustrator
    • Click on file -> open and then locate your cgm file and open it
  2. Export the cgm file as either a jpg or png file within Adobe Illustrator
    • Click on file -> export -> export as and then select jpg, png or whichever option you desire from the dropdown list at the bottom of the "export as dialog box."
  3. Save the cgm file as a pdf file within the Adobe Illustrator
    • Click on file -> then save as and the choose pdf format and make sure you take a second and make sure that you have named the file correctly up at that the top of the "save as dialog box."

Method 2: Convert CGM Files to PDF or CGM Files to JPG/PNG For Free

Download the latest and free copy of Apache Open Office. You can find this from SourceForge or here for immediate download. Install Apache OpenOffice, and from the home screen, click on Drawing.

Apache OpenOffice to convert CGM files

Open up the cgm file that you want to convert and then export it as a pdf file: File > Export as PDF.

At this point, Mac users and Windows users will be forced to choose different methods of converting the pdf to jpg.

For Mac OSX

  1. Right-click (or command+click) on the pdf file that you wish to convert to a jpg;
  2. Open the pdf file using the preview application; and,
  3. Within Preview, go to File and choose Export and choose to export the file as a jpg.

For Windows OS

Find a Mac to borrow or buy; or,
  1. Open MS Paint;
  2. Open the pdf file, make sure that the entire pdf image is visible on your screen and then take a screenshot of it - press the "PrintScreen" key while holding down the "alt" key;
  3. Place your mouse pointer in the drawing area of MS Paint and right-click the mouse, select the paste option and you will successfully import your into Paint; and,
  4. Under File, select Save As and save the pdf as a jpg.
Mission accomplished, and unless you actually purchased a Mac for this last bit, you were able to do this without spending a dime.

Best of luck to you and I hope you found this a bit interesting.