Monday, November 12, 2018

The Migrant Caravan: A Threat to The Citizens of The United States of America

President Trump's Assessment Is Accurate

I know many of you think Trump is out of his mind and that we should welcome all illegal immigrants into our country. However, a nation without borders is... yeah, when we cannot get past this truth I stop listening to the anti-Trump dialogue. I have tried to engage in discussions with those that have a different view. Many times the anti-Trump folks are so loud and raucous that even when I do not want to listen, I am occasionally forced to hear their statements.

However, it is essential for all US citizens to understand that the Center for Immigration Studies shows that 21% of those convicted of crimes, other than immigration, between 2011 and 2016 were non-citizens. Because non-citizens make up only 8% of the adult population, one can conclude that 21% of all convictions or 2.5 times their share of the population.

I do not believe Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton were the best choices this country has in terms of those that are competent enough to be the President of the United States of America.

It is interesting to me that many folks within the anti-Trump group claim to be tolerant. However, it seems that the only differing views tolerated are those that have the same or similar foundation and come from other people that are anti-Trump. It is ignorant for one to remain steadfast in their belief that every word that comes out of Trump's mouth is a lie. It seems ridiculous to immediately disregard any idea presented by President Trump merely because the idea came out of his mouth. This opposition based on pure emotion and not fact must seem like a logical plan for those that have lost the ability to engage with others using facts. Even more disgusting is the behavior of Democrats elected to the federal government.

However, I do believe that Trump was accurate when he said there is a criminal element in the caravans allegedly heading for our southern border.

I believe the President was accurate when he mentioned the criminal element within the caravan and so does at least one person traveling with that caravan. Even the CBC media outlet also agrees. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - neither a right-wing nor a typical left-leaning US media outlet - it’s Canadian. Yes, from Canada, that same country that the Democrats were so supportive of when Trump spoke directly and candidly to Justin Trudeau in the fall of 2018.

A member of the migrant caravan that made their way to the Southwest border of the United States of America with intentions of entering the country by any means necessary even if it means illegally.
Alcides Padilla, a citizen of Honduras, awakens after sleeping among thousands of other migrants making their way to the US Border. Mexican authorities set up a shelter within Mexico CIty's Jesus Martinez stadium. (Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press)

The Migrant Caravan Is Not Just Women And Children

There are quite a bit more than 4000 people registered with the caravan. Most have refused the work visas and such offered by the Mexican government. Incredibly, they still dare to demand that the Mexican people/government provide them with buses for transportation to the USA border.

Does this even make sense to you? Unless one is ridiculous, I presume most would agree that demanding something from a country you are passing through is a pretty gutsy move. Perhaps even what some would classify as self-entitled.

Invaders Enter A Country Without Considering The Laws of The Land

The liberal left somehow finds a way to dismiss and laugh at the label of “invader” rather than the label "illegal immigrant". Let me briefly explore that from an opposing view to yours, remember you are the tolerant one, you welcome differing opinions.

If a group of people cross into a foreign country and do not work diligently to assimilate and live as the current citizens of the United States, they will indeed weaken the traditions and culture of our country.

If the same folks require medical treatment, they will cause a longer delay in emergency rooms and undermine the current citizens’ access to medical treatment and weaken the overall health of the individuals affected.

Also, if the illegals are school aged, and in this caravan many are, they will take a seat in the public school system; and do it by surprise which will overcrowd schools, exacerbate language barriers, increase the already incredibly high number of responsibilities that given to classroom teachers and of course weaken our educational system.

Do you not think that an attacking entity would be wise to weaken a nation's culture, decrease individual access to health care, and to overburden the educational system?

I will pretend that everyone agrees. Yes, that would be wise and a brilliant way to attack without the attention of typical warring behavior.

If that is correct, is it not accurate to call those people invaders? Again, yes is the rational answer.

I will pretend that everyone agrees. Yes, that would be wise and a brilliant way to attack without the attention of typical warring behavior.

If that is correct, is it not accurate to call those people invaders? Again, yes is the rational answer.

The Problem With The Term Illegal Immigrant

Let’s talk about the term illegal immigrant - I meant oxymoron. Immigrants enter a country legally, correct? How can one be an “illegal person that entered a country legally?” Yep, that is not possible.

Save me your emotional responses that point to the settlers of our country because if you go there, I will have to fill you in on this fact: indigenous people called those settlers, INVADERS, and waged war against them. They lost, and the settlers won and developed the country turning it into the place you call home.

Unless you are suffering from Catholic Guilt or something similar, why would you point to the conflicts between the indigenous people of North America and Western European settlers as a reason for opening the borders?

Do you want to be overrun and forced into a culture and set of beliefs that are not the ones we have been working on for centuries?

Do you believe Western European settlers from centuries ago are similar to those entering our country illegally in the present day? Why suffer the tragic fate of being conquered without putting up some formidable resistance? Especially at the border, where this resistance is most appropriate.

What Is Your Solution?

So what should the plan be? Do you still believe that we should just let anyone enter our country without penalty for not abiding by our nation's laws?

I welcome fact-based replies, not extraordinarily weak ones due to your bias and emotions. I would appreciate any plans that include a plausible solution to the immigration problem we are enduring. Additionally, suggestions that might stop those that continue to violate the federal laws of the USA by gaining illegal entry to our country. Even the most pie-in-the-sky suggestions would be interesting to read and ponder.

Even though I support the plan to increase the security along the southwestern border, I want to expose and present alternative strategies that may be more effective.

The best idea is one that has yet to be implemented and tried. Nothing will change if we do not have fact-based conversations about the current policies and procedures about illegal immigration.