Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Rename The Wireless Devices Connected To Your Mac

rename the bluetooth connections to your Mac conputer

Rename Any Wireless/Bluetooth Device: Keyboard, Mouse, or TrackPad Connected To Your Mac

There a several instances that may arise where you might want to rename your Apple Wireless Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad

For example, you might be selling one of the devices, or you may have "outgrown" the name that you gave one of the devices back during your experimental college days. 

The process to rename any wireless/Bluetooth device that is connected to your Mac computer is quite simple. 

Before proceeding, make sure that the wireless device you intend to rename is connected to your Mac

To Rename Bluetooth Devices Connected to Your Mac:

  • Open up System Preferences
  • Click on the Bluetooth icon within the System Preferences window Right-click* on the wireless device you wish to rename. 
  • Choose Rename from the pop-up that appears after you right-click.
  • Enter a new name (it cannot be blank) for the device, and you have accomplished the task. 

If you are selling the wireless device, I would advise you to rename the keyboard to Apple Wireless Keyboard and then remove it from your computer by right-clicking on the device's new name and choosing remove. 

* If your mouse does not allow you to right-click - the right click on any Mac can be accomplished by holding the control key while clicking with the mouse. 

Detailed Instructions on How to Rename a Wireless Device on Mac (Mac OS)

Figure 1. System Preferences Icon

STEP 1: Open Systems Preferences > Bluetooth

system preferences window that appears when you click on System Preferences
Figure 2. System Preferences Window

STEP 2: Once you have opened the System Preferences window, click on the Bluetooth icon to open the Bluetooth window.

Bluetooth Dialog Window

STEP 3: You right-click on the wireless device you want to rename, remove, or disconnect. You will be given those exact choices in a pop-up window, and you click once on your intended selection.

When you choose the device to rename the current name will be outlined in a dialogue box.
Position your cursor in the box and delete the current name (you can position your cursor at the end of the current name and press the delete key to remove the current name).

Once the current name is deleted, type in the new name for the device in the same box and press the enter key.

Follow similar steps to remove or disconnect your wireless device from your Mac.

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