Friday, November 8, 2013

Web Contractor Accountability Benefits The Client And Developer

Web Contractor Accountability Protects the Client and Improves the Service

At Web Contractor Accountability WCA our clients are very concerned about what they perceive to be a lack of transparency and an inability to objectively measure what is being done by their SEO professional
"It has become our purpose to provide a level of web contractor accountability that will protect the clients and improve the level of services" 
We realize that most of us, on the web development side of the coin, believe that we are all honest and hard working folks. However, if that was true, I do not think there would be so much pandemonium within the SEO ranks every time Google releases an updated algo. Personally, I believe that, as in all service industries (where the product is not actually tangible), the overall lack of accountability among web contractors is absurd. As mentioned in several current blogs on the topic, many SEO companies pride themselves for using "grey hat" and some use "black hat" strategies. This low level of accountability reduces the overall perception and legitimacy of working in SEO
"If all SEO professionals were honest and held themselves accountable to their clients there would not be so much pandemonium every time Google releases a new algorithm" 
Just recently I was listening to a conversation, one of the parties touting  himself as an accomplished SEO Professional was telling the other that he could spin 5,000 articles of 300-500 words and have them posted online within a week. When asked how he would accomplish that task he defined his intelligent piece of software that can spin text. After visiting some of the sites that he promotes, I found that the “spun content” was positioned below the fold, in a barely legible font size, and “spun so well” that the sentences were nonsensical.

A set of measurements and solid criteria to judge web contractor performance must be developed and adopted. Independent auditing of web contractors,  will protect the business owners and raise the bar among SEO professionals. Poor performing providers will be forced to improve or go out of business. The clients of the SEO industry will benefit as they become a knowledgable and informed consumer on the topic rather than being taught by the salesperson on the other end of the phone.

"Independent auditing of web contractors,  will protect the business owners and raise the bar among SEO professionals"
A set of measurements reflecting solid criteria must be implemented. SEO consultants must be held accountable for the money they are paid. The search engine algorithms are constantly evolving to improve the user experience; there is always some optimization that can be performed on every website in existence. WCA provides clients with a definitive set of measures and customized solutions to improve their site. A free SEO audit of your website is available and even that report includes a plan of action based on the results of the audit.

Establishing an impartial and reproducible website auditing system and a comprehensive, yet easy to understand, interpretation / plan of action is imperative. This will protect the business owners and instill accountability among web contractors. Thus raising the performance bar among SEO professionals and ultimately make the web a better place.

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